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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Natural Dewormers For Goats/Sheep

Check this article out in Wild & Woolly and others like it: Going "Natural" with Research by Dr. Dahlia O'Brien Small Ruminant Specialist Delaware State University Delaware State University (DSU) is currently gearing up for the start of research this summer. Last year was the completion of the study evaluating the level of dewormer resistance in the Mid-Atlantic region (Winter 2009 issue) and the graduate student that worked on this project, Elizabeth Crook, will head to Virginia Tech to study veterinary medicine in the fall. This year, research is still continuing on the use of potential natural dewormers (pumpkin seeds, papaya and ginger) to control internal parasites in sheep and goats. There will be three studies conducted looking at these natural plant products during the course of the summer and determine if they can help in reducing our reliance on chemical dewormers. As you might recall, our last study indicated that pumpkin seeds were ineffective when ground and fed mixed into the feed. A subsequent study looking at a pumpkin seed drench (6oz/75lbs body weight) and ginger drench (3g/kg body weight) administered every other day for 6 weeks found that fecal egg counts were lower for both these groups compared to a control group. Therefore, additional studies using ginger and pumpkin seeds will be conducted this summer to see if we get similar results and to determine the best route of administration to see reduction in fecal egg counts. Last year, we also found that papaya seeds (6 g/kg body weight) ground and mixed with water and given to goats orally was ineffective in controlling fecal egg counts. We will attempt to see if varying this dose can have any positive impact on fecal egg counts. These studies are being conducted in collaboration with the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

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