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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chick Days at Walkertown Mill Farm Lawn

Walkertown Mill Farm Lawn & Garden is excited to announce that they will be having Chick Days at Walkertown Mill this spring!
We will have one March 12th and one on April 9th. Chicks will be available by PRE-ORDER ONLY! There are 26 chicken breeds available and 10 duck breeds available to order. Almost all of the chicks & ducks will be available in both females & males. All chicks will come vaccinated for Marek's Disease. Orders ...are due by FEB 1st for the March 12th Chick Day and due by MARCH 1st for the April 9th Chick Day. This is a great opportunity to start your own back yard flock or add to your existing flock without having to meet the large minimum order number that most hatcheries require. We have not set a minimum order number but do strongly recommend you order at least 3 chicks or ducks. They are both very social creatures and do best in groups of their own kind.

March 12th and April 9th, starting at 6pm, we will feature poultry experts from Nutrena and Blue Seal to answer your poultry questions and lots of info to help get your chicks off to a great start. We will have door prizes, coupons and refreshments. This is open to ANYONE interested in learning more about poultry.
Sign up for the Chick Day seminars by visiting Walkertown Mill (5084 Harley Drive. Walkertown, NC 27051) or calling 336-595-2321. We will NOT have chicks available to purchase on those MUST PRE-ORDER your chicks to be picked up those evenings.

Stop in at Walkertown Mill to place your Chick order and sign up for the Chick Day Seminar. The order book includes pictures, descriptions and prices for all chicks and ducks available.

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