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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Let It Grow

Coming this week more of our cheese will be available at Let It Grow Produce in Winston-Salem. Tell Becky we sent you shopping!

Let It Grow Produce

All of our produce is locally and naturally grown and we also offer some certified organic items. Here at Let It Grow we are a family. We care about our fruits and vegetables and where they come from. However, Let It Grow is about more than just fruits, vegetables, and plants. It's about bringing homemade, local, and natural products to our community. We have already gathered quite a family of musicians, artists and craftsmen, but there is always plenty room for more.

Monday-Friday | 10am to 6pm
Saturday | 9am to 5pm

Let It Grow Produce
4825 Country Club Rd
NC 27104


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