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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Triad Farm Tour: June 7-8, 2014


The 2014 Triad Farm Tour is happening June 7-8 from 2-6 pm both days!
Come learn about the Triad’s local and organic farm & food scene. Meet local farmers & tour their sustainable farms!

Winstead Farm

Graham & Gwen Roach
4235 Thomasville Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27107
Our animals are raised on pasture and rotated frequently. Visitors will see a variety of poultry including chickens, turkeys and ducks. The entire process can be seen from brooder to field pens to
processing area. We also have a small flock of sheep that we graze ahead of the poultry.

Milk & Honey Farm
Eric & Melissa Brown Family
307 Amberhill Rd.
Yadkinville, NC 27055
We’re passionate about self-sufficiency and subsistence farming, and we love to connect with others with similar interests. We farm full-time for ourselves and are a modified “full diet CSA.” See what it means to reclaim food sovereignty over everything from grits to peanuts to dry beans to kiwis to honey to homemade rennet and buttermilk to chickens raised by mama hens. Direction Note: Do not depend on GPS directions, use Google Maps instead or watch for the Farm Tour signs! Anything that takes you on a gravel road is wrong.

Sanders Ridge Farm
1501 Nebo Rd.
Boonville, NC 27011
Sanders Ridge Vineyard & Winery
Cindy & Neil Shore
3200 Round Hill Rd.
Sanders Ridge Farm is sister farm to the Sanders Ridge Vineyard & Winery. We produce organically
grown vegetables and herbs – pretty much year round. At the Nebo Rd location, visitors will be able
to see a wide variety of annual vegetable and herb crops being grown both in high tunnels as well as in the field. We also have a small herd of very friendly longhorn cattle and a few free roaming chickens. At our vineyard farm (3 miles away on 3200 Round Hill Rd) visitors can see high tunnel vegetables, 15 acres of French grapes, our restaurant and our zip line. You can find our produce in the delicious meals served at our restaurant.

Horne Creek Farm
The staff of Horne Creek Farm
308 Horne Creek Farm Rd.
Pinnacle, NC 27043
Once the Hauser family farm, Horne Creek enables visitors to experience farm life in North Carolina’s northwestern Piedmont circa 1900. The site features the family’s original farm house, a tobacco curing barn, a corn crib, adjacent fields under cultivation, a heritage apple orchard and grazing livestock – including many rare and endangered breeds! GPS unreliable – follow state road

Harmony Ridge Farms
Isaac & Kevin Oliver
3835 Bowens Rd.
Tobaccoville, NC 27050
We are a small family farm set in the rolling hills of Tobaccoville, NC. Our mission is to provide the finest and most diverse range of locally available sustainably grown vegetables and make them available across economic divides. The Olivers and crew produce 30 some varieties of vegetables, culinary herbs, melons, blueberries and free-range eggs. June is a busy time for us. We will be harvesting potatoes, greens, lettuces, broccoli, garlic, onions, beets and carrots among other crops this time of year. Come see us in action!

Keep Your Fork Farm
Jane Morgan Smith
1194 Marshall Smith Rd.
King, NC 27021
Keep Your Fork is a truffle farm (truffiére) consisting of English oak and European hazelnut trees whose root systems are inoculated with the black winter (Périgord) truffle. See irrigation pond and system, meet our truffle hunting dogs and hear details about how truffles are cultivated here and made into delicious foods in our NCDA certified kitchen. Truffle butter will be available to sample and purchase!

Plum Granny Farm
Cheryl Ferguson & Ray Tuegel
1041 Flat Shoals Rd.
King, NC 27021
As featured on UNC-TV’s Flavor NC, our certified organic farm is just 9 miles south of Hanging Rock State Park. We’ll highlight our specialty crops such as garlic, baby ginger and berries. Activity
stations include honeybees, worm composting, seed planting, tours and a hayride. Organic transplants
and produce along with jam, berry snowcones and baked goods will be for sale.

Buffalo Creek Farm & Creamery
Johnny & Robin Blakley
3255 Buffalo Creek Farm Rd.
Germanton, NC 27019
We are a farmstead goat dairy on a 34-acre farm.  Learn about cheese production, dairy goats, grassfed cattle, pastured sheep and chickens while you view the animals from our Farm Store porch, which is open daily. We’ll have cheese, eggs and meat for purchase along with our goat’s milk soap and other local foods from area farms. BeNutty Bakes & Butters of Winston-Salem will be at the farm both days with their small-batch peanut butters, plate-licking good bakes and unique candies!
Direction Note: Do not depend on GPS directions, use Google Maps instead or watch for the Farm Tour signs!

Yellow Wolf Farm
Stacy Martin
6651 Sullivantown Rd.
Walkertown, NC 27051
We are a pasture-based, rare, heritage breed, livestock farm. We raise rare pigs, sheep, goats,
poultry, Jersey cows and also farm with draft horses. We produce pork, beef, lamb, chicken, goat meat, duck and eggs plus goat milk soaps and lotions. We also teach classes on how to raise your own meat and eggs, how to butcher poultry and rabbits and charcuterie (meat preparation) lessons. We will have baby goats, chicks and llamas for the kids to pet and see up close. We will have meat, eggs, soaps and lotions available to purchase. There will be a local food truck serving sausages/sandwiches.

Two Shovels Farm
Emanuel Hayden
5000 Crossmill Rd.
McLeansville, NC 27301
Meet our heritage breed buckeye and Dominique chickens that live in “chicken tractors” and our
Great Pyranese livestock guardian dog Hairy Vetch! See how we use agro-forestry practices to establish windbreaks by planting stands of Xmas trees to slow wind and create microclimates that will help with extend growing seasons. Seasonal produce and shitake mushroom logs will be available for sale and veggie kabobs will be cooking on the grill.

Reedy Fork Organic Dairy & Feed Farm
George & Cherry Teague
7092 Sockwell Rd.
Elon, NC 27244
Reedy Fork Farm is a certified organic dairy and feed farm located on 500 acres of beautiful farmland. The dairy milks around 100 holstein and holstein/Jersey cross cows and prides itself on high- quality, delicious organic milk. The wonderful taste comes from cows rotationally grazing on lush green pastures – the way nature intended. The feed mills and produces certified organic feed for all types of livestock and poultry animals. Come visit with our cows and chickens as well as purchase certified organic beef, eggs and feed.

TS Designs Company Garden
Eric Henry & Tom Sineath
2053 Willow Springs Ln.
Burlington, NC 27215
CCFSA Farm tour fans will know TS Designs because they provide CFSA with our signature US grown organic cotton farm tour t-shirts. They even have a popular Cotton of the Carolinas line! Come see what a company garden looks like and learn how this sustainable initiative is incorporated into our normal business day. The garden features solar panels and permaculture design and our hens and
bees help keep the garden working at its best!

Sunset Farms
Chris Murray
2991 Spanish Oak Hill Rd.
Snow Camp, NC 27349
Sunset Farms is a multi-generational naturally grown produce and pasture-based livestock farm. We use animal and crop rotations to produce a “closed-loop” sustainable farm. Come try our delicious seasonal produce and meet our cows, chickens and guardian dog! See how Sunset Farms is cultivating faith, family and food!

Emmaus Farm
Mike & Brenda Heindl
3829 Vernon Ln.
Snow Camp, NC 27349
Our farm focuses on sustainably growing small grains including NuEast wheat for bread flour and
vegetables for a CSA and market. We are working toward permaculture including incorporating
biochar from Brenda’s wood-firing pottery kiln, fostering flexible and versatile growing for the
future. Come see our wheat field almost ready for harvest, honeybees, solar panels, hoop houses,
pottery and chickens!

Wings of Dawn Farm
Jan & Charlie Ansell
4117 W Greensboro Chapel Hill Rd.
Liberty, NC 27298
Wings of Dawn Farm is a small family-owned and operated farm in southwest Alamance County. We
are committed to being a source for healthy local food. Visitors may see our heritage breed laying
flocks and their mobile coops (hen-a-bagoes), the market garden, grape arbors, fig trees, beehives,
an orchard developing, Nigerian dwarf goats and livestock guardian dogs.

Ward Farm of Whitsett
John & Brenda Ward, Gregg &
Amber Ward
5337 Cook-Stewart Rd.
Whitsett, NC 27377
Ward Farm of Whitsett has been continuously growing for several generations, dating back to the late
1800’s. Wanting to expand our production, we found the soil here was great for the muscadine grapes
and blueberries! In addition to our muscadines, we grow fresh, seasonal vegetables such as green beans, squash, tomatoes, okra, peas, peppers, etc. Come sample our juices, ciders, jams, cider slushies and pickle products and visit with our cows and hogs!

Schoolhouse Farm
Drew & Lacey Grim
3809 Craftsman Ln.
Pleasant Garden, NC 27313
Come visit a permaculture homestead located on 10.5 acres. From bees to goats to ducks and pigs,
from the pond to the newly planted chestnuts and redbuds – everything has a roll to play in the system at Schoolhouse Farm. See first hand some smallscale incorporation of common-sense practices that can be adapted for any home setting. Lemonade and cookies will be available from our littlest farmers.

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