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Monday, April 27, 2009


This morning after milking was the time to give boosters of CDT and Pneumonia to some of my Boer kids and Nigerian Dwarf kids. By this time, they can really run and are hard to catch. We also moved around some of our sheds since we have a new paddock. We switched the cow shed with the sheep/goat shed. It comes in handy to have them on skids so they can be utilized in any pasture. We also began the spring cleanup of debris around the hay feeders. We'll use this decayed material to fill in holes around the pastures and to stop erosion on some of the hills. Tonight I gathered all of my stainless steel pots together and now I can begin making soap. I have approximately 12 bags of frozen, pasterized goat's milk in the freezer. I have just the right amount of milk in each bag for a recipe that makes approximately 32 bars of soap at a time. I hope I have good luck in making the soap.

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