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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nubian Does

On Friday, April 17, we went back to Newton, NC to pick up my new does. Jeremy Hood was sad to see them go, but needed room in the barn for all his new kids. While traveling through Statesville, we picked up a few 80 pound bales of alfalfa from Deal Rite Feed and visited G&M Milling. We talked with their owner about their various feeds and the availability of them. We purchased a sample bag of rabbit feed and goat feed. We also found Moore's Dairy Supply and purchased some teat dip while there. They were very helpful and carried all kinds of milking machines, coolers and other products. At 6PM I used my new milking stand and milked two of the girls, Macey and Lily. I milked 1/2 gallon each from both of the girls. We will be getting 2 gallons of milk daily from them. Lily is easy to milk taking only about 5 minutes. Macey has small teats and it takes quite a bit longer. Both of the girls stand very well and are easy to milk.

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