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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hollywood Goats

My Nubians, Macey, Lily Fern and Jackie were transported to a site off of Jenkins Road in Winston-Salem to be in a film, By The Fire, by Priscilla Anany-Williams. This film is being produced by UNCSA, School of Filmmaking. The location for the film was down by a lake with mud huts. The mud huts were covered with bamboo. Anyone who has goats knows that this spells disaster. Macey and the girls were eatting the bamboo and wrapping their leads around the poles of the huts causing them to fall. Where they are so friendly, they kept their faces in the camera's lense and were constantly all over the actors. When the DVD comes, we'll see if any of the girls are in any of the scenes or whether they are on the blooper reel. After lunch, we drove to Mayadan to purchase some more plastic Ball jar lids to fit my half-gallon mason jars for milk storage. They carry them in Wal-Mart, but they were out in Winston-Salem.

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