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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cleaning the Rabbit Barn

Today we worked on cleaning out the rabbit barn and all the rabbit condos. I always hate to do the cleaning because it is so dusty and it really bothers your head between the dust and the rabbit fur. We shoveled enough rabbit manure to fill up our 91 bushel manure spreader. We spread it on our cow pasture instead of buying fertilizer. This is one of our cost savings ideas that we came up with last year. Just after we finished spreading the manure and washing out the spreader, Andy came and borrowed the spreader to clean up his barnyard. His sheep had made a mess around their round bale feeder and he scooped up another load for us to spread. In the meantime, I cleaned out all of my guinea pig cages and added that to the pile. I made a road trip to Sadies Herbal Garden to get more soap making supplies before they closed. Tonight, one of my guinea pigs gave birth to 8 babies. One was stillborn but the other 7 are spunky. That is the most babies I have ever had out of one pig.

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