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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cool/Rainy Weather Is Coming

With the rainy weather forecasted for the end of the week and with the highs only in the 40's on Thursday and Friday, I decided to get some of my outdoor work done today. We hauled the wood rack up from the tractor shed and put it in its position on the porch. We filled it with dry wood from our wood shed - - so I'm ready to crank up the wood stove for another season. I've got my fire starters ready and the pipe has been cleaned out. I also mowed the yard again. It has really been growing with all the showers and sunshine that we've been having. I even had to rake grass in some spots! Two of my Nigerian Dwarf doe kids were weaned today. These blue eyed girls are now 8 weeks old. They are in a pen in the barn with a couple of older doe kids so they have lots of company. They will stay penned for a week or so or until they no longer try to get back to their dam. Rabbit toenails were also trimmed today. I made the rounds through everyone so they are in good shape to go into winter. The driveway was scraped getting it back into shape. The wet ground prevented the normal dust.

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