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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dixie Classic Fair/Dairy Goat Show

We attended the Dairy Goat Show at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds this morning. The show started at 9AM and continued until the afternoon due to the large amount of entries. There was a good representation of all breeds of dairy goats except the Nubians. There were less of them showing this year. There were also no Nigerian Dwarf goats shown. Toggenburgs were the majority of dairy animals with large classes of up to 15 entries at times. The judge was very good taking time to explain all decisions and to run through the different judging points on each animal. This was especially helpful to newcomers and fair goers giving them information on the judging system of placing animals. He also took the time to praise each animal for at least one good characteristic giving newbies and animals that placed last a good experience.

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