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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guinea Pigs Are Here!

I've been weaning some of my short haired guinea pigs this weekend at age 21 days. They are ready to go to new homes. Right now, I have brown pigs and gray pigs. Later on, I'll be weaning some two-toned pigs. Since the Disney movie G-force came out, guinea pigs have been in a great demand. People sometimes forget about guinea pigs and how good a pet they are for children and adults. They make great interactive pets for those who can't have a cat or dog or want a pet that doesn't need exercising outside of the home. Guinea pigs are very social animal and do better in pairs to keep them emotionally healthy. Young children should be supervised when holding piggies and they should be housed separately from other animals. Rabbits can injure guinea pigs by kicking out and they have different care requirements. Overall, guinea pigs are very talkative and love interaction with people.

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