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Monday, July 1, 2013

WEDNESDAY Market Reminder King, NC

We'll see you on Wednesday at the King Farmers' Market in the parking lot of the Stokes Family YMCA on Wednesdays from 11am until 1pm.

This week's market will be in perfect timing for purchasing locally grown fruits, veggies and more for your 4th of July Celebration with friends and family.

105 Moore Road
King, NC 27021
May 1 through October 30, 2013
Wednesdays | 11am-1pm

We produce raw milk aged farmstead cheeses, fresh chevres (soft goat cheese, available plain or flavored), feta (available brined or marinated) and farmers cheese (available plain or flavored) using only milk from our goat herd, in our new creamery.

We'll bring coolers of our farmstead goat cheeses, a crate of our handmade goats milk soap, and a variety of our handmade recycled feed sack tote bags. If you're in the area, stop by to check out the market and sample the goat cheeses.
If you're not able to make to the market, our farm store is open daily and isn't too far from King either! Visit our website to find out more about all of the local products available in our store.

Plum Granny Farm- Certified Organic Blackberries, Certified Organic FRESH Garlic (Hardneck and Softneck), Certified Organic Garlic Scapes (what to do with them? Pesto, White Bean Dip, Grilled, sautéed with veggies, roasted with potatoes – we have lots of recipes and will be sampling the White Bean Dip!), Certified Organic Elephant Garlic and Garlic Flowers, Certified Organic Baby Kale, Raspberry and Blackberry Jams, Raspberry-Chipotle Molé Cooking/Grilling Sauce

Enon Meadows- Watermelon Berries, Onions (Red and White), Lettuce, Cabbage, Chard, Bright Lights, Baby Kale, Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes, Stevia (Dried and Plants), Fresh Herbs, Ornamental and Herb Plants

 Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery- Chevres: Plain, Date & Honey, Sun Dried Tomato & Basil, Garlic & Chive, Red Pepper & Onion, Dill and Green Olive
Raw Milk Aged Goat Cheese: Rock House, Saura, St. Philip's and Jessup's Mill
Brined and Marinated Feta Goat Cheese
Farmers Goat Cheese: Plain, Herbes de Provence and Black Pepper
Goat Berries (4 Individual Herbed and Spiced Cheese Balls)
Goats Milk Soap
Recycled Tote Bags

Alf Simmons Farm- Green beans, eggs, spinach, potatoes

Greenberries Farm- mesclun salad mix, beets, fresh garlic, purple snap beans, and blackberries.

Felsbeck Farm- Sweet white corn, plus green beans, cukes, squash & zucchinis, Yukon Gold & redskin potatoes, sweet onions, celery, herbal teas and soaps.

Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery, LLC
Germanton, NC 27019

Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery is located on Buffalo Creek Farm Road in Germanton, NC near the intersection of Hwy 65 and Hwy 8 (Germanton Road) at the Forsyth / Stokes County line. We are a few miles north of Winston-Salem and a short drive from Rural Hall, King, Walkertown, Kernersville, Walnut Cove, Danbury, High Point, Greensboro, Pilot Mountain, Mt. Airy and other communities in the Piedmont of North Carolina and Virginia. In our on site Farm Store, we have both raw milk aged goat cheese and fresh chevres, grass fed beef, pastured lamb and pastured free range eggs along with our handmade goat's milk soap and other local goodness.

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