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Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Weekend

After much rain on Friday and again late on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday turned out to be beautiful days for the things that we planned for outdoors. Our daughter, Erin, was here for a week visiting and helping out her brother and his wife, Erin, get the nursery ready for their new baby, Ellie. Erin works from home in Clinton using her computer so she is able to work anywhere as long as she can access the internet. Pretty neat! On Saturday, we had a yard sale and I got my basement cleaned out, and Erin sold a lot of her things that she didn't need in her new house in Clinton. Andy and his wife also had a few large items to sell since he has been remodeling his house - - cabinets, doors, etc. We had a good day and finally closed up shop around 2:30 and packed up the remaining items and delivered them to a thrift store in Walnut Cove. By the time I got back, I had 30 minutes until time for the auction to start at the Wine, Bid and Boogie Art Auction in Germanton. We were able to purchase the painting that I had been wanting of our farm that was done in April by Isabel Forbes. Sunday afternoon, Andy and Erin were given a baby shower by Erin's two sisters and our Erin (see how confusing this is?). They got lots of cute baby outfits, a high chair, a stroller and carseat combination, books, blankets, etc. Everyone got to see the nursery that had been worked on for so hard for the past few weeks. During all this going on, we made strawberry, peach and pineapple homemade ice cream using some of my goat's milk. We've got about 3 gallons now in the freezer! Milking 5 goats every day gives you lots of milk to do something with. Tomorrow we'll make some more cheese and I'll make a batch of goat's milk oatmeal soap.

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