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Friday, June 5, 2009


Yesterday afternoon and today we got quite a bit of rain - - a little over 2 inches. Buffalo Creek was running high and fast but not getting out of its banks. By this evening, it was already going back down and the animals finally came out of their sheds to graze. We spent most of the day doing inside work, cleaning the barn and building some tomato trelises for our container garden. All this land and no where to put a garden except in some containers near the driveway. Every available space is in pasture for the animals. We do have another garden patch up at our son's, Andy's, house up the road. We all share in what the garden produces, us, Andy's family and the deer. We planted some loofah seedlings that we grew from seed. I use the loofahs in my soap making side line. Some were planted in some containers that will grow up and over my rabbit cages to give them extra shade while giving me some loofahs too. Tomorrow will be a busy day with a yard sale at Andy's in the morning at 7AM and with Germanton's Wine, Bid and Boogie in the afternoon. Hope the rain holds off until at least after supper.

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