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Friday, June 12, 2009

Rain Storm

Hope everyone enjoyed our American flags that we had on our farm sign for Memorial Day and for the upcoming Flag Day and 4th of July. The storm that came through Thursday night ripped them off of our sign posts and shredded them. We only received 1/2 inch of rain but the wind and lightening was strong. After the storm, we had a few limbs down on some of our fences and lots of leaves everywhere. We went out and cleaned up everything everything before dark. Our son, Andy, had already been working at Tanglewood Park this week getting up trees (60-70) off of the golf course due to an earlier storm. Tonight, after this latest storm, he got called back into work to remove an oak tree that had fallen on the Detention Center off of Shattalon Drive in Winston-Salem. The tree also crushed one car and dented several more. They will finish up removing it Friday. More bad weather is in the forecast for tonight. All the animals made it through the storm by staying in their barns. At least none of them blew over like they have before. Now the smaller hutches are secured to the ground with utility building tie downs.

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