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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today was a busy day with the feed truck coming from Union Grove Feed in Union Grove, NC and vaccinations for some baby goats. I also trimmed a few hooves on some goats that I brought in this week and trimmed out their tails. In the midst of it all, Sugar Pie (a Nigerian Dwarf goat) decided to go into labor in the middle of the barn for all to see. She delivered a large gold buckling and a smaller gold doe. The doe had an umbilical hernia that was unrepairable and had to be put down right after birth. I had just read about this situation in a magazine called Sheep! that came in the mail yesterday. This is the first time that I have had this occur in any of my goat and sheep births. I hope I don't see it again. At least I was familiar with it before it happened and knew what to expect and what could or couldn't be done. All the water troughs were emptied and cleaned this afternoon. Algae grows so fast in this hot weather. All the animals enjoyed the cool clean water that filled them. We had some drop ins this afternoon to purchase some soap and I had an order to fill from our web site. Tonight, I made two batches of a new soap, Romantic Rose. It has dried red rose petals and rose essential oil included along with the goat's milk. I was happy with the results when I poured it into my molds. It looked very pretty with red speckles throughout the soap. Look for it soon on our website. Tomorrow is another day. One of our miniature zebu cow's is expecting any day. This will be her first calf. She is bred to our bull, Carl. I hope everything will go OK. First time mothers sometimes have a difficult time.

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