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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Saturday afternoon at 3 PM we finally got rain. It came down quick for 20 minutes and we managed to get between a 1/4 and 1/2 inch of rain. All the animals ran for their sheds during the storm. There was no wind, thunder or lightening involved, just rain. It looked strange to see all the fields with no animals in them. After it ended, they all came out and went back to eating. This morning early everyone was running and playing since they had gotten "refreshed" from the heat. Even the grass looked a little brighter since the dust was washed off. I gave a milking demonstration this morning to a couple from the Sedge Garden area near Kernersville, NC. They are interested in getting some dairy goats in the future and milking. After we fed, I picked up litter up and down the road so that we could mow with the tractor and bush hog. Every week I get two 50 pound feed sacks full of trash. I can image what it would look like if I didn't pick it up. It is mostly fast food bags, cigarette packs, aluminum cans and bottles. Sometimes I get lucky and find money that has blown off of someones dash in their truck. I consider it payment for my hard work when I find a few dollars.

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