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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rain, Colfax Farmer's Market, Friends and The Budget

On Friday night, we were lucky enough to get almost an inch of rain. We decided during the rain storm that we need to pull the irrigation hose out of Buffalo Creek so it wouldn't get snagged by floating debris if the creek rose and pull our pump downstream. Luckily, it wasn't lightening; but, we got drenched to the skin. Today was a nice day. The grass looked like it had grown an inch or more overnight and the dust had settled. We had a guinea pig pickup in the morning and then around lunchtime we went to the Farmer's Market in Colfax, North Carolina. We walked around looking at all the fruits, vegetables and flowers and bought some dried fruits, sesame sticks, etc. to make trail mix. There was a good crowd at the Farmer's Market. We had some company later in the evening from our friends Liz and John of Papa John's Farm. We gave them contact information on how to get a Premise ID and how to order Scrapies tags and tattoo equipment for their goats. They are working with some youth who will be showing their goats in the Stokes County Fair next month. The Budget newspaper arrived in the mail today from Sugarcreek, Ohio. It is the equivalent of "The Amish Internet". The Budget has served the Sugarcreek area and Amish Mennonite communities though out the United States since 1890 as a series of letters swapped among Amish families. The Amish are a Christian organization with about 227,000 members nationwide. The paper is printed on Wednesdays and the August 26 edition contained 66 pages. My favorite part of The Budget is reading the Amish and Mennonite's blogs (Scribes Letters) about their life and what is happening in their communities. Many of these writers have been writing for over ten years in this newspaper. They chronicle the fabric of their daily lives by writing by hand on tablets and mailing them into the newspaper. They cover the weather, food preparation, baptismals, deaths, marriages, births, reunions, church services, illnesses, schools and their children and grandchildren. Also, most of the writers tell their ages, where they have lived, how many children they have and what they do for a living. Very interesting! You can pick out a favorite scribe and follow them for years and feel like you are a part of their life. There are both male and female scribes of all ages from the United States, Canada, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Honduras, Israel, Nicaragua and Ethiopia. The Budget can be reached at 330.852.4634 if you would like to order your own copy. They have 20,000 subscribers across the US and Canada. The Budget also has a bare bones web site with only local news briefs.

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