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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Putting Out Round Bales of Hay

This morning early, we went to the Thomasville Flea Market in Thomasville, North Carolina looking for some silverplate flatware for my webnanny's business, Dinner Time Chimes. Her chimes were just showcased in the LA Times last week and she will be getting many hits on her website from that article. We didn't find any silverplate for her but did come home with a bag of small onions. I milked late, and the goats didn't appreciate it one bit. I'm now milking one of my Nigerian Dwarf goats along with two of my Nubians. She has never been milked before but is doing extremely well. Samantha walks to the milking stand on her own without balking but is having a little trouble standing once up on the stand. She wants to squat when you touch her udder . I placed a bucket under her chest for the previous two days and that prevented her from squatting. Today, she was milked without the bucket under her chest and only had to be fussed at a couple of times for stomping her back feet. Pretty good for the third day of milking. She is so short that I use my stainless steel strip cup as a milk pail when milking her. We put out some round bales today in some of our pastures, but not all. I try to make it until October before feeding hay; but, with all this dry weather, they need hay now. Tomorrow they are calling for rain so I wanted to get this done before the ground gets too wet (wishful thinking). While closing some of the gates after putting out the hay, I heard some babies crying. One of my purebred Boer goats had delivered twin bucks in the shed. The dogs were lying quietly outside the gate watching her from a distance. These two buck kids are from my last Boer buck that I had sold earlier this year. I have a solid red buck now and am anxious to see his offspring. Our Zebu heifer still has not delivered. She is actually due on September 4; but, first timers can go up to ten days early. I'm sure she's waiting for the cool, rainy weather tomorrow.

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