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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Love Is In The Air" Part II

Today was a bright and sunny with highs in the lower 70's. It was a bit windy but very nice. We moved some of our Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats into the buck pen with Zeus for March kids. Bridget's Girl, Tabitha, Christine and Cinnamon's Girl went to visit. Clara went to visit Dude in his pasture. We divided the buck pen into two parts and added another hay feeder and water trough to one of the sides . We have some meat goats in one side with a few hair sheep and the Nigerian Dwarfs that are getting bred on the other side. We also picked up litter at the road and mowed from the Boy Scout hut up to Highway 65 on both sides of the road. This will be the last mowing of the season. Yesterday I sprayed grass and weeds that was coming up in our gravel driveway. With the rainy weather we had last Saturday, lots of grass started sprouting through the gravel. This will also be the last time for that chore. We finally got around to washing all the deck furniture and got the deck arranged for the winter minus the log rack. We'll bring that up sometime during October when we need to start firing up the wood stove. It will not be long with lows already at 50 degrees the past few mornings. Last night I weaned some of my Flemish Giant bunnies. I have many colors from several shades of brown, to gray, and black.

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