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Monday, September 28, 2009

"Love Is In The Air"

Today three of my Nubians, Macey, Macey and Tootsie, went out to stay with my buck, Stormy, in his pasture . (No, that's not a typo, I have two Nubian's named Macey. Macey must be a popular doe's name). We'll be having some March kids. Stormy is an orange spotted boy so I'm hoping to get some flashy colors in his kids. Next Monday, two more girls will be joining Stormy - - Polly and Lily. They are also being bred for March kids. Jackie, a yearling Nubian, came back up to the main barn as she was bred to Stormy in May and is expecting in October. This will be her first kids. She is already round and her udder is filling with milk. Two of my Nubian's, Sparkle and Misty will be waiting until March to go and visit Stormy. They are a little small for my liking and I want them to continue growing before being bred. Macey, Macey and Tootsie were very vocal wanting to come back to the main barn and Jackie was calling her man, Stormy. None of the girls were happy, but the Stormy was!

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