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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Home & Garden Library Series (Spring 2013)

Forsyth County Cooperative Extension
Home & Garden Library Series
Spring 2013

 TO REGISTER: Call Kitrinka Gordon at 336-703-2850 or email

These programs are presented by Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Agents and by Master Gardener Volunteers. Lectures are 1 to 1 1/2 hours with time for your questions.

 Decorative & Producing Vines - Going Vertical
April 15 at 11am - Carver Library
April 24 at 6pm - Rural Hall Library
Are you limited on space and looking for a way to add more plants to your garden? Why not consider vines and go vertical? There are many vines available that are not too aggressive or invasive. Annual and perennial vine varieties will be discussed along with the cultural and pruning requirements.

Organic Gardening
April 10 at 6:30pm - Central
The organic gardener prefers to use natural and organic materials and methods to grow vegetables, flowers and even the lawn. Learn how to use the least amount of synthetic chemicals and practices that may be detrimental to your health or environment. We will also look at fertilization and pest control practices.

Intermediate Vegetable Gardening
Mar 26 at 6:30pm - Clemmons
April 18 at 2pm - Malloy Jordan
May 4 at 10:30pm - Southside
Learn how to take your garden to the next level and expand your summer garden to a 3 or 4 season garden. Discussion will include soil amendments, fertilization, weed control, what vegetables to grow and how to grow them. You will also learn how to grow your own vegetable transplants and how to save heirloom seeds.

Easy Care Annuals
April 16 at 7pm - Southside
Find out about some wonderful
annuals that are easy to care for in the
landscape. You will get tips on adding
different plants to the landscape that have low maintenance. Learn the basics of site preparation of the flower bed, plant selection, planting techniques, maintenance and more.

Improving Indoor Air Quality with Plants
April 18 at 4pm - Reynolda Manor
Many plants do an excellent job of scrubbing the air clean of contaminants, especially inside our homes. Learn about the types of plants to use throughout your home, how to care for them and where to place plants to help improve indoor air quality.

Advanced Vegetable Gardening
April 22 at 10:30am - Kernersville
May 15 at 6:30pm - Malloy Jordan
Learn the basics of organic gardening, irrigations methods, harvesting as well as cultural practices such as companion planting to increase your production.

Container Gardening with Herbs & Flowers
April 23 at 6:30pm - Clemmons
Container gardens are options for people with limited garden space. Find out which plants grow good in containers and what kind of containers work best. Planting and caring for containers once planted will be discussed.

Container Gardening with Vegetables
May 6 at 10:30am - Kernersville
Container gardens are options for people with limited garden space. Containers are mobile and can be moved to different locations. Find out which vegetable plants thrive in containers and what kind of containers work best.

Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardening
May 11 at 11am - Central
Learn how to develop a butterfly/hummingbird garden in your yard. Invite some fascinating and colorful winged friends to visit the plants you are growing. Find out what plants these winged friends prefer and how to culturally take care of them.

Edible Landscaping
May 14 at 6pm - Clemmons
Learn how to develop an edible landscape or transition your existing landscape into one with edible plants. Growing edibles is an option for gardeners who have limited space or who want to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their garden beds without having to establish garden space for edibles alone. Find out which edible plants will do well in the existing or transitional landscape.

Low Maintenance Gardening
May 16 at 4pm - Reynolda Manor
May 23 at 10:30am - Lewisville
Learn all the steps to help reduce the maintenance in your home landscape. We will take a look at various low maintenance plants and give lots of tips on reducing the time you need to spend on maintaining your landscape.

Growing Small Fruits
May 18 at 10:30am - Walkertown
Home grown fruit tastes so much better than store-bought! Learn how to grow fruit-bearing plants including preparing the soil, using amendments and fertilizer, how many plants for the area, pruning, and harvesting.

Growing Daylilies
May 20 at 11am - Carver
Learn all the steps to successfully growing and adding various types of daylilies to your landscape. This easy perennial is one that has low maintenance and wonderful blooms.

Low Cost Home Maintenance
May 28 at 7pm - Rural Hall
Short on time and money? This program will help you increase your knowledge and develop skills in maintaining your home (inside & out) with cleaning tips for every room as well as maintaining the area with affordable and safe products.

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