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Sunday, April 28, 2013

King Farmers' Market

Join us at the King Farmers' Market in the parking Lot of the Stokes Family YMCA on Wednesdays starting on May 1st!

We'll be there with our goat cheeses and goats milk soap.

Come to the "Y," exercise and get local food. What could be better than that? 

105 Moore Road
King, NC 27021
May 1 through October 30, 2013
Wednesdays | 11am-1pm

In Season Garden- spinach, arugula, spring onions, spring garlic, assorted Asian greens, including varieties of Pac-choi, Tatsoi, Mizuna aka bitter green, pea shoots, and assorted kale varieties

Moser Manor- spring onions, kale, veggie & herb plants.

Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery- Plain and Flavored Chevres: Date & Honey, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Basil, Garlic & Chive, Red Pepper & Onion;  Raw Milk Aged Goat Cheese: Rock House, Saura, St. Philip's and Jessup's Mill; Brined and Marinated Feta Goat Cheese;  Plain and Rolled Farmers Goat Cheese: Herbes de Provence and Black Pepper;  Goats Milk Soap

Salty Dog Farms- Bedding, herbs, and vegetable plants.

Plum Granny Farm- certified organic: spring garlic, baby swiss chard, basil transplants, powdered garlic and other greens; and, raspberry and blackberry jams and sweet potato butter.

Greenberries Farm- Wild garden leaf lettuce, mixed salad greens, green onions, parsley, heirloom tomato plants

Felsbeck Farm- Herbal skin ointments & poultices, herbal soaps & accessories, herbal sachets, herbal teas (free sample tastings); flower, herb & veggie seeds, potted herbs & flowering plants, and salad sprouts (beans, mixed salad sprouts & alfalfa sprouts).

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