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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Frost On The Pumpkin

Heavy frost yesterday and this morning. Everything was white from the grass to the rooftops. Got out my heavy coat. Went to the Farmers Cooperative Livestock Market in Lexington, NC Wednesday morning to sell a couple of buck rabbits and a rooster. Made the mistake of boxing up the rooster late at night and putting him on the deck outside our bedroom window. He started crowing at 4:30 AM which woke everyone including our boxer, Jasmine. I bought a nice wooden card table at the auction after the poultry sale that I can use when I do craft shows. We have lots of vintage card table table cloths that can be used. I also found some more plastic shelving that I use to place my soap on to cure. It matches the shelving that I already have. I'm in business now! No more excuses on not being organized and not being able to find things. I'll have enough shelves to store all my supplies on also. I'm going to take an afternoon to assemble the new shelves, organize all my soap and supplies, and rearrange my soap room. Completed the final arrangements for the purchase of a one and one-half year old Nigerian Dwarf buck - - Chestnut. He'll be a nice addition since he has blue eyes and is naturally polled. We'll be getting him in a few days and my polled buck, CarsonCity, will be up for sale. The rest of the afternoon on Wednesday was spent tracking down the Purina representative to ask questions about their cattle protein blocks, feeding the goats, worming llamas and selling a few guinea pigs.

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