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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today is a beautiful day. It started off frosty but quickly warmed. A little breezy but nice and sunny. The girls that I'm milking like for me to use warm, almost hot water, to wash their udders off with on these cool mornings. I even warm up their teat dip since it is stored outside. Mowed the grass yesterday - - yes, on November 6. It was quite tall in places. I like to keep it short so the wind will blow the leaves off. We don't have to do too much leaf raking here, thank goodness. We even did the last mowing on the roadside yesterday too. (I thought we were finished in October, but the grass continues to grow.) Someone's truck lost a fiberglass shower stall and a sink in front of the farm and left it for us to clean up and dispose of. It seemed like it went into 1,000 pieces. Got the majority of the larger pieces up and put the rest in old feed sacks in a pile beside of the road. The Department of Transportation was called to pick up the load of trash. We are on a first-name basis since we call them so much for trash pick up.

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