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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rabbit Hutches

Late Tuesday morning and into the afternoon was spent repairing our "condo" rabbit hutches. They are 8 foot long, two story and contain 7 individual cages. Over the years, the urine has rotted the metal that was between the top and bottom layers. We had to remove all the rabbits and feeders, disassemble the condo and remove the cages. The cages were repaired using some new J clips and a sheet of plastic wall board sheeting was inserted between the layers. This should prevent the rotting problem in the future. The rabbits were then rearranged in their cages and the water system hooked back up. There was lots of snarling and stomping going on since they had new neighbors. That usually lasts just a few hours before everyone settles down. While we were at it, we put their tarp down on the back so that they are partially winterized. Now they have protection from the wind on 3 sides. They are ready for winter. We've got two more "condos" to do. This will be one of our projects to get done "while the sun is shining".

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