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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hoof Trimming

Yesterday was a bright and sun shiny day. It was still too wet to do any work in the pastures. We are needing to put out some round bales of hay for some of the animals and protein blocks in all the pastures for the winter months. We'll wait another day so the ground will have a chance to dry up more before we drive in the pastures with the tractor. I did trim my Nubian goat's hooves yesterday morning. They were nice and soft from all the rain we have been having so it was an easy job for once. The buck was even cooperative. He has already bred all the does so he wasn't his usual stinky self. He stands well to have his hooves trimmed. I just don't like to have to hold onto his legs and feet during breeding season and rub up against him. We did some fence repairs this afternoon. Had a few trees fall on our fence as a result of the wet weather and wind in our back cow pasture. Between a couple of trees and some deer trying to run through the fence, we had to replace some wire. Naturally, it was in the farthest corner and on the steepest hillside.

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