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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It rained off and on on Sunday of this week and we received over 2-1/4 inches. Buffalo Creek is getting washed out for the first time in ages as we have been in a drought situation this summer and fall. Water is flowing from bank to bank and logs and debris are floating down the creek doing a good cleaning job. Sunday was an "off day" since the time changed early on Sunday morning. Even though we were up earlier than usual, I can't quite get with the new schedule. Still changing clocks and now it is getting dark earlier. It usually takes a good week for me to get back on schedule. All the animals were out of kilter too. Had several people come and pick up pet rabbits Sunday afternoon and I wethered a Nigerian Dwarf goat that I sold as a bottle baby a few months ago. Monday was a beautiful day with the sun out and shining. Everyone enjoyed the sunshine. Cain and Abel, my Nubian buck kids, are growing and enjoy having a bottle of fresh goat's milk twice a day. Jackie, their dam, goes out grazing during the day and gets to reunite with them in the evening.

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