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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Soap Making

Made one recipe of cornmeal scrub soap last night. I'm running low so I needed to get some in the pipeline to cure (dry). Since I found more drying shelves and have gotten organized, I have plenty of room to store the soap while it is curing for six weeks. Also made a trip to Sadies Herbal Garden on Main Street in Stokesdale, NC on Monday afternoon to get a couple of new oils, peppermint and teatree. I'm making a few dog soaps. I've got one dog soap curing and I'll be making another with the peppermint soon that will be "minty fresh". Since it was raining yesterday afternoon, I made a quick trip to the Cricket's Nest Craft Shop to replace some soaps and gift sets that had sold there the previous month. The Cricket's Nest is decorated for Christmas and I saw lots of good gift ideas from under $1 for stocking stuffers to more than $1 for gifts. Yesterday was craft check-in at the Cricket's Nest for members whose names end with A - K. Lots of new items were coming in. Wednesday is check-in for the remaining members. Thursday is a good day to shop to get a chance to see the new craft items. The tree cutting is on hold for today. At 8AM, we'd already gotten 2-1/2 inches of rain and it is still falling hard.

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  1. Your recipe of cornmeal scrub soap looks wonderful. Would love to try it today and see if it works. Nice blog.


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