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Monday, November 9, 2009

Tree Cutting Has Begun

Today starts the tree cutting at our farm of approximately 60 pine trees. We have contracted with Frenette & Son from King, North Carolina to cut all the pines out of the woods in front of our rent house and driveway on Germanton Road. We are leaving all the hard woods. Frenette does tree service for residential and commercial properties and they are a member of the BBB. We have used them several times to take down trees over the tops of our barns, etc. and they do an excellent job. The pine trees in this area had gotten so tall they were beginning to lean towards our rent house, driveway and the property next door. They have really grown in the years that we have been here. Plus, this patch of pines is growing between 3 different power lines so some professionals were needed. Frenette & Sons will be chipping the limbs and loading up all the wood and stockpiling it for us on the farm. The wood will be split and stacked for our wood stove for the next few years. It is a good thing that one of our wood sheds is empty and we have room to store it in the dry.

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