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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gardening Seminars & Annual Spring Plant Sale

Seminars Held During the Annual Spring Plant Sale
All seminars will be held at 11am at the location listed.

While you are there, you can check out the plants that are for sale in the Arboretum Greenhouse and Nursery. The plant sale will be held Tuesday, April 9th - Saturday, April 13th from 10am to 2pm each day.DIVIDER
April 9 Tried and True Annuals - Sherry Sunday, Master Gardener Volunteer, will discuss
growing annuals that have been successful in the gardens at Tanglewood. The discussion will
include how annuals can be used to “punch up” color in the landscape. Many of the plants will
be available for purchase at the plant sale. Location: Arboretum Office

April 10Wild Flower Walk - Master Gardener Curators Anne Hester and Peg Simm will
lead a tour of the wildflower garden and identify flowers blooming along the trails. Location:
Entrance to Arboretum

April 11Cooking with Herbs - Cynthia Bouldin, Master Gardener Volunteer, will discuss
growing and harvesting herbs for cooking as well as how to cook with a selection of essential
culinary herbs that can make your meals sizzle! Location: Arboretum Office

April 12Organics in the Landscape - Craig Mauney and Mary Jac Brennan, Extension
Agents, will discuss using organics in the landscape. The organic gardener prefers to use natural
and organic materials and methods to grow vegetables, flowers and even the lawn. Learn how to
use the least amount of synthetic chemicals and learn about practices that may be detrimental to
your health or the environment.
Location: Arboretum Office

April 13Tour of the Arboretum - Craig Mauney, Arboretum Director, will lead us on a tour
of the Arboretum. As we walk through the Arboretum Gardens you will discover interesting
trees, shrubs and flowers you may want to add to your existing landscape. Location: Arboretum

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