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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Piedmont Farm School 2013 - Our Turn!

I couldn't pick a favorite cheese - they were all THAT good!  Piedmont Farm School visit 3/28/13
The welcoming committee! Piedmont Farm School visit 3/28/13

The pictures above courtesy of our new friend at Hope Farms, because of course we forgot to take pictures ourselves!

Today was a extra busy day at the farm.  We were hosts to the 2013 Piedmont Farm School, which is meeting monthly February to June and September to October for business training and field trip to local farms. Our guests toured the farm and the creamery... and of course, sampled LOTS of our goat cheese!

Below is the list of topics, so that you'll know what you missed out on...

Feb. 12
Whole Farm Planning
Feb. 28
Farm Trip to Peregrine Farm in Alamance County
March 12
Farm Planning

March 28
Small Scale Dairy Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery, LLC in Germanton, NC
April 9
Financial Record Keeping

April 25
Specialty Crops Farm Trip (Hops and Mushrooms) in Yadkin and Iredell Counties
May 14
Farm History and Current Situation "What Have You Got?”
May 30
Fruits Farm Trip to High Rock Nursery and The Persimmon Branch

June 11
Marketing Fundamentals
June 27
Vegetables Farm Trip to Piedmont Research Station
Salisbury and Correll Farms, Cleveland in Rowan County
September 10
Your Business Planning

September 26
Pasture Pork and Poultry Farm
Trip to Wild Turkey Farm in Rowan County
October 8
Student Review

October 27
Agritourism, Marketing
Sanders Ridge Winery, Vineyard and Organic Farm, in Booneville

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